Roots - Rock - Americana - with an EDGE

Roots - Rock - Americana - with an EDGE

Roots - Rock - Americana - with an EDGERoots - Rock - Americana - with an EDGERoots - Rock - Americana - with an EDGE

Re•Issue - The Story - The EDGE

Early in 2016, the idea for a trio was formed.  Tom was looking for a new project and the ability to play more hard driving or EDGE based music.  Tom Barron (bass/vocals) and Bryan Teeters (drums/vocals) were in search of a guitar/vocalist.  We had selected a person, but had failed to consider James Willaman, who was in a project with us and also currently in a trio of his own - The James Willaman Situation. Prior to contacting the first guitar player, we decided to ask James if he was interested.  He asked for a couple weeks to consider and in the end decided he was coming on board (who wouldn't!).  We had our guitar/vocalist.  In addition, we added multi-talented Ben Anderton as our full time sound engineer.

In August 2016, we started on our song lists and typically practiced on Sundays due to our respective busy music schedules.  The name Re•Issue was arrived at and it means we will "reissue" songs that are familiar but we will put our own twist on them - due mainly to the fact we are a trio playing songs typically performed by much larger bands.

By the fall of 2016, the trio was in gear with song list and the first gig was booked for November 18 at the Apollo Maennerchor, Sharon, PA.  Thanks to Jeff Zolnar at the Maennerchor for this first gig and in general for his strong support of live music.  We have played the Maennerchor many times since.

The band was kickin' and the gigs were starting to come.  However, in early 2017, Bryan received an offer to play in another band that had a large regional presence in the Pittsburgh area.  We replaced Bryan with Steve Marks, a seriously experienced drummer and also James' regular drummer for many years and many projects.

Of course the most difficult function for a newly formed band is breaking into new venues.  We work diligently each week to expand our area and presence.  A great deal of time was spent on this task in 2017 and 2018 and we are now beginning to reap the benefits of this work.  Our area has expanded into Pittsburgh, Akron, Cleveland, Erie and many places around and in between.  I might add that we have been invited back to every venue we have played - that's the best way to judge how you are performing.  

In September 2018, we began recording our six song EP of original work.  Ideas and lyrics are submitted by individuals but all of us provide input, critique, ideas, change and suggestions to get us to the final product.  The song seldom ends up as it started.  This process is so much better for all involved and it provides for Re•Issue ownership of the effort, the work and the finished product.  Once rough work on the songs is complete, we involve Ben for finish, input, suggestions and final touches.  We are all producing this work.  

Where will this journey take us?  That is certainly unknown, but we know that we will be providing good music with an EDGE for quite awhile.  Check our website or FaceBook calendar so you can get in on the EDGE too!  Look forward to seeing you!


Re•Issue Members


James Willaman - Guitars/Uke/Vocals

Steve Marks - Drums/Percussion/Vocals

Tom Barron - Bass/Vocals

Ben Anderton - Sound Engineer